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Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Blueberry Feminized
Quick Overview

Blueberry cannabis seeds

This classic strain does not need an extensive introduction. The original Blueberry was created by DJ Short in California and is a cross between Chocolate Thai, Afghani Indica and a Highland Oaxacan Gold. More recent lineage sources call this line the Temple Flo x HTAF floral line. These feminized Blueberry cannabis seeds will give you the sweetest berry buds you will have ever tasted. 

  • Average height Blueberry cannabis seeds: 60 cm 
  • Genetical composition: 25% Sativa/75% Indica 
  • Effect: Intense body stoned, medicinal properties 
  • Flavor: Berry, fruity sweet flavor 
  • Average THC%: 21% 
  • Average indoor yield: 350 g/m² 
  • Indoor flowering time: 54 days 
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September

Grow pattern of Blueberry cannabis seeds 

The original Blueberry seeds were smuggled to the Netherlands in the early 80’s of the previous century. In Holland, the Blueberry has been crossed with a high yielding and fresh smelling Northern Lights. The result of the breeding program is a Blueberry strain that is higher yielding than its American parent. We like to call it the European Blueberry. Some controversy is apparent in this story, since breeders from British Colombia made the exact same cross, calling it Big Blue. 

The Panchrest Blueberry is one that holds true to the characteristics of the original cross made by DJ Short. It has been selected on giving growers to most fruity, colorful buds possible. Yield has not been a decisive factor in the breeding procedure leading up to this cross. Rather, conserving the flavor, smell and taste of the original plant has been a priority. 

Grow advice for Blueberry cannabis seeds 

To get an average result per square meter the grower needs to grow with big numbers. 25 to 30 plants on a square meter is not unusual for Blueberry grows. The plants will grow into one-bud-plants with an extremely pleasant smell. Keep nutrient levels low, because the plant will not produce more grams on a high nutrient diet. 

Effect of Blueberry cannabis 

Although this strain does not produce the strongest of effects, it is a very pleasant euphoric high that one will experience when smoking this herb. The high is very clear and is extremely long lasting. This is therefore an excellent strain to be used for mood uplifting effects.

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