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Skywalker Kush Seeds

Skywalker Kush Feminized
Quick Overview

Skywalker Kush  cannabis seeds

Skywalker Kush is a Kush strain of the next generation. The yields of the plants grown from these Skywalker Kush cannabis seeds are higher than its parents, and the flavors of the two parents are perfectly mixed in the offspring. Growers will be astonished by the dense buds that are loaded with crystals. Skywalker Kush cannabis has an amazing deep Kush taste that will bring your soul into the galaxy. It is an awesome plant to extract cannabinoids from, making hash or oil with intense flavor and strength.

  • Average height Skywalker Kush seeds: 80 cm
  • Genetical composition: 20% Sativa/80% Indica
  • Effect: Mild tingling, numbing and euphoric effect
  • Flavor: Very spicy, sweet, pungent Kush flavor
  • Average THC%: 24%
  • Average indoor yield: 600 g/m²
  • Indoor flowering time: 56 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September


Grow pattern of Skywalker Kush cannabis seeds

The plants that grow from these Skywalker Kush cannabis seeds are easy to grow. Beginning growers will not be disappointed by the ease with which they will harvest A-quality buds. When properly topped, this plant will grow into a nice compact bush of buds. It grows fast after topping, making it an ideal plant to be used for scrog-grows and super-cropping. Two phenotypes are found in a selection of these seeds. One is a true indica-dominant hybrid, growing fast and hard. The other phenotype is a true sativa. Adding a week or 2 to your grow schedule will not leave you disappointed. The sativa version brings exceptional taste and an extremely high THC percentage (more than 26%).

Grow advice for Skywalker Kush cannabis seeds

Beware of high temperatures when growing this strain. Skywalker Kush will produce dense buds when the day temperature stays beneath 28 degrees Celsius. These dense buds are prone to bud rot, so make sure that your humidity is under control in the last few weeks of the flowering cycle. If you manage to keep these things under control, then you will be amazed by what Skywalker Kush seeds will offer you. When grown well, the buds will grow into pimply hard buds with an outstanding bag appeal.

Effect of Skywalker Kush cannabis

The effect of the bud that is harvested from Skywalker Kush cannabis seeds is amazing. This herb produces extremely strong aromas. The pallet of odors that one can experience ranges from spicy herbal to jet fuel and blueberry. The only thing on your mind after smoking Skywalker Kush is relaxation. Pain and physical limitations disappear almost instantaneously.

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