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Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel Feminized
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Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

The one and only (which is a controversial subject) Sour Diesel. These Sour Diesel cannabis seeds are original old-school 90’s classics. The plants that will grow out of these Sour Diesel seeds are true gems. Although the origin of this strain is widely debated, you can be sure that you will taste some weed that will make you reminiscent of the old days. It is one of the most unique and distinguishable cannabis tastes that you will ever experience. In a general sense, it is a three-way cross (Chemdog x Super Skunk x Northern Lights), but the strain has been heavily updated since it first arrived on the scene.

  • Average height Sour Diesel seeds: 90 cm
  • Genetical composition: 70% Sativa/30% Indica
  • Effect: Mellow high, medium bodylock
  • Flavor: Heavy, spicy diesel/petrol flavor
  • Average THC%: 18%
  • Average indoor yield: 550 g/m²
  • Indoor flowering time: 78 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of October

Grow pattern of Sour Diesel cannabis seeds

The Sour Diesel strain is very easy to grow and is able to grow to an immense size. The Sativa genes in this strain will be noticed in the grow pattern directly. Make sure you have enough height to facilitate the vertical growth that will be induced by the switching of time periods in the blooming phase. If you are able to keep this heavy grower under control, you will be more than satisfied with the end product.

Grow advice for Sour Diesel cannabis seeds

If your room is sufficiently high, it is best to top the plants before switching to a flowering cycle. If you do have enough height, do not top the plants. Plants grown from these Sour Diesel cannabis seeds will produce the nicest buds when they are not topped. A grower should expect strong sativa growth in this hybrid, definitely when the growth phase was longer than 3 weeks.

Effect of Sour Diesel cannabis

The crop from these Sour Diesel seeds is very popular as a medicinal product. At the same time, in the Netherlands Sour Diesel is smoked as a recreational herb as well. This strain is very versatile, for medicinal users it can help with lack of appetite, depression and anxiety. For recreational purposes, it is a strain that will make your more social, motivated and talkative. The effect of the bud that is grown out of these Sour Diesel cannabis seeds is uplifting, energizing and dreamy at the same time. It will not give a couch lock when smoking it, because of its low CBD content. 

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