Amnesia Haze Seeds Feminized

Amnesia Haze Feminized

Amnesia Haze  cannabis seeds

These Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds are just as epic as their more indica-dominant counterparts. The geographic regions that the ancestors of this strain originate from are well documented. A true haze male hybrid was bred from strains imported from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Jamaica and Hawaii. This hybrid was crossed with the famous Dutch Amnesia and a so called Super Skunk (a high yielding Skunk #1 phenotype). The result was a heavy producing, fast flowering haze/sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has been on the top of the popularity list ever since. These Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds will not disappoint you. 

  • Average heightAmnesia Haze cannabis seeds: 95 cm 
  • Genetical composition: 90% Sativa/10% Indica 
  • Effect: Extreme high without couch lock. 
  • Flavor: Lemon, hazy 
  • Average THC%: 23% 
  • Average indoor yield: 650 g/m² 
  • Indoor flowering time: 82 days 
  • Outdoor harvest: Begin of November

Grow pattern of Amnesia Haze seeds 

One of the biggest differences with other commercial strains is the flowering time of more than eleven weeks. This is not strange for a haze-dominant hybrid, but is something to bear in mind when planning a grow with these Amnesia Haze seeds. The buds that will develop in this extremely long flowering time are well worth the wait. You will not be disappointed by the weight or effect of the buds that the plants that grow from these cannabis seeds produce. 

Grow advice for Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds 

Amnesia Haze is easier to grow than its Amnesia parent, because of the low amounts of stress that the plant experiences from extreme temperatures. However, the grower should be aware of its extreme growth potential. It is not uncommon for these feminized seeds to keep growing vertically for 4 weeks into the flowering phase. Growers with limited height should be aware of this before germinating these cannabis seeds. 

Effect of Amnesia Haze cannabis 

This strain gives a very hard haze-high. Just like the original Amnesia, this strain should not be used by inexperienced cannabis users. The big difference in effect can be traced back to the haze parents that this strain has. When comparing its effect to the original Amnesia it should be noted that the high is a lot stronger, but the couch lock effects are a lot less strong. The end product of these Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds is renowned for its effect on the memory. Smoking it will make sure that you forget things, so do not use it when you still have things to do.

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