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Cream Caramel Seeds Feminized

Cream Caramel Feminized
Quick Overview

Cream Caramel cannabis seeds feminized

Cream Caramel is a three-way cross of various potent indica-dominant hybrids, namely: Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino. The vigorous growth potential and sweet and spicy taste of Cream Caramel cannabis seeds have made it a popular strain for growers all over the world. Cream Caramel is an exotic strain from which a beginner can harvest triple A quality bud with ease. The yields of the plants that grow from these Cream Caramel cannabis seeds are far above average for a strain with an unusual smell and taste like this one.

  • Average height Cream Caramel cannabis seeds: 75 cm
  • Genetical composition: 10% Sativa/90% Indica
  • Effect: Clear high with light muscle relaxing effects
  • Flavor: Very sweet and earthy flavor
  • Average THC%: 22%
  • Average indoor yield: 550 g/m²
  • Indoor flowering time: 63 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Begin of October

Grow pattern of Cream Caramel cannabis seeds

Cream Caramel cannabis seeds will grow out to form plants with dark green colors that, when ripening, will turn to a more purplish color. At the end of the blooming phase, the buds of this plant will become very dense and loaded with resin. One should therefore be careful with growing these feminized seeds in a humid area. Although Cream Caramel is not very susceptible to mold, its dense buds should be protected against a threat like this when the environment is humid.

Preferably, these Cream Caramel cannabis seeds are grown indoors under heavy lighting. When the climate is under control, these Cream Caramel seeds will give you plants that will smell like the most exotic fruits that you have ever had the chance to taste.

Grow advice for Cream Caramel cannabis seeds

Cream Caramel is an extremely versatile strain, which can be grown to its fullest potential using various growing techniques. It is a suitable plant for “normal” SOG-grows, but is also an easy plant to control in ScROG. Cream Caramel is thus viable as a commercial strain and can be applied in various grow systems using various light sources.

Effect of Cream Caramel cannabis

Cream Caramel’s effect is mostly sought after because of two reasons: its superb taste and its medicinal purposes. The amount of CBD that the plants that grow out of these Cream Caramel cannabis seeds produce is quite high, which makes sure that pain relief effects are induced when smoking its buds.

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