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On this page all the feminized cannabis seeds that are for sale at Panchrest Seeds are showcased. These feminized cannabis seeds have been created by pollinating female plants with pollen generated by other female plants. This ensures that the genetic material of a plant that is the offspring of these two female plants will not contain a male chromosome. Therefore, all of these feminized seeds will germinate into female plants. The mothers that are used to create these cannabis seeds have been selected carefully. They have passed various stress tests that were undertaken to check for hermaphrodite characteristics. Only those plants that showed no peculiar signs that would indicate hermaphroditism have been used in the breeding and feminization of our cannabis seeds.

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  1. CBD Cheese Seeds

    CBD Cheese  cannabis seeds 

    This spectacular cross between Southern Cheese (a Cheese IBL) and CBD Pure (by Pure seeds) is a must have for medicinal users that do not want to make compromises in taste or smell. The result is a high yielding medicinal strain with the characteristic Cheese flavor. People that like to smoke their medicine and want a nice classic taste to go with it should get their hands on these CBD Cheese cannabis seeds. This strain is very versatile in its therapeutic purposes.

    • Average height CBD Cheese seeds: 70 cm
    • Genetical composition: 50% Sativa/50% Indica
    • Effect: Very strong medicinal effects
    • Flavor: Cheese
    • Average THC%: 6%
    • Average CBD%: 8%
    • Average indoor yield: 500/m²
    • Indoor flowering time: 60 days
    • Outdoor harvest: End of September
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  2. Amnesia Haze Seeds Feminized

    Amnesia Haze  cannabis seeds

    These Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds are just as epic as their more indica-dominant counterparts. The geographic regions that the ancestors of this strain originate from are well documented. A true haze male hybrid was bred from strains imported from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Jamaica and Hawaii. This hybrid was crossed with the famous Dutch Amnesia and a so called Super Skunk (a high yielding Skunk #1 phenotype). The result was a heavy producing, fast flowering haze/sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has been on the top of the popularity list ever since. These Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds will not disappoint you. 

    • Average heightAmnesia Haze cannabis seeds: 95 cm 
    • Genetical composition: 90% Sativa/10% Indica 
    • Effect: Extreme high without couch lock. 
    • Flavor: Lemon, hazy 
    • Average THC%: 23% 
    • Average indoor yield: 650 g/m² 
    • Indoor flowering time: 82 days 
    • Outdoor harvest: Begin of November
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  3. Skywalker Kush Seeds

    Skywalker Kush  cannabis seeds

    Skywalker Kush is a Kush strain of the next generation. The yields of the plants grown from these Skywalker Kush cannabis seeds are higher than its parents, and the flavors of the two parents are perfectly mixed in the offspring. Growers will be astonished by the dense buds that are loaded with crystals. Skywalker Kush cannabis has an amazing deep Kush taste that will bring your soul into the galaxy. It is an awesome plant to extract cannabinoids from, making hash or oil with intense flavor and strength.

    • Average height Skywalker Kush seeds: 80 cm
    • Genetical composition: 20% Sativa/80% Indica
    • Effect: Mild tingling, numbing and euphoric effect
    • Flavor: Very spicy, sweet, pungent Kush flavor
    • Average THC%: 24%
    • Average indoor yield: 600 g/m²
    • Indoor flowering time: 56 days
    • Outdoor harvest: End of September

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  4. Sweet Tooth Seeds Automatic

    Sweet Tooth  cannabis seeds automatic

    The legendary Sweet Tooth, in an autoflowering package. This strain was popularized by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and its non-autoflowering parent has won several cannabis cups in the past (most notably: High Times cannabis cup 2001). The genetics of this strain have carefully been selected and have been used to create a very stable strain. The plants that grow from these Sweet Tooth cannabis seeds are resistant to a lot of threats and the end product is miraculously sweet. Sweet Tooth’s genetic background goas back top landraces from Afghanistan, Nepal and Hawaii. It has been crossed in with a small Ruderalis to give it its autoflowering capacity.

    • Average height Sweeth Tooth cannabis seeds: 50 cm
    • Genetical composition: 10% Sativa/65% Indica/25% Ruderalis
    • Effect: Impressive high, followed by a happy stoned effect
    • Flavor: Fruity, sweet candy flavor
    • Average THC%: 18%
    • Average indoor yield: 600 g/m²
    • Flowering time (from seed): 63 days
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Growers all over the world have turned to feminized seeds as opposed to regular seeds, because of the easy in use when growing for a hobby. Feminized cannabis seeds offer a grower a quick and easy method of ensuring that his or her flowering room is filled with females only. This is important, because male plants do not produce the end-product that is liked by many. Instead, male cannabis plant produce pollen, that will pollinate the female plants. The pollinated plants will start developing seeds, which is a beautiful process, but one that is unwanted by most growers.

Panchrest feminized cannabis seeds

Our list of feminized cannabis seeds is pretty extensive. From Sativa to Indica, haze to kush and high-CBD to high-THC, you will find everything we have in the list below. Our high-THC photosensitive strains (those that require a 12/12 light cycle to start flowering) have been picked and bred with care. Whichever strain you choose to get, you can rest assured that the plants will yield good and have great taste (however we do have to warn you that the yields of Blueberry plants is not nearly as high as some other strains that we offer).

The feminized cannabis seeds that we offer (and feminized seeds in general) can be used to create new seeds, but be careful when doing this. It is a breeder’s good practice to first pollinate a plant that has grown out of a feminized cannabis seed with a true male plant. The offspring can then be used to breed further, or to feminize again. There still is a lot of discussion about the use of feminized seeds in the cutting of clones (and the making of mother plants). Most plants that germinate from feminized cannabis seeds perform perfectly well as mother plants. However, the general opinion in the growers’ scene is that female plants that germinated from regular seeds should be preferred for cutting clones.