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Below you will find all our autoflowering strains. Our autoflowering seeds are crosses made between high yielding photosensitive plants and plants from the sub-species Cannabis Ruderalis. The plants that grow out of these autoflower cannabis seeds will enter the flowering stage when the plant is mature enough to support heavy flowers. They will start flowering regardless of the time that they are kept in the dark every day. The autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for growers that want the medicinal or psychoactive effects of Cannabis, but do not live in a place on earth where the summers are long enough to grow Cannabis Sativa.

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  1. AK-47 Seeds Automatic

    AK-47 cannabis seeds (automatic)

    Germinating these AK-47 auto cannabis seeds will grant the grower lovely sativa-dominant autoflowering plants. The AK-47 female that was used to create this strain is sold by Panchrest in feminized form as well. The male came from a Lowryder #2, which flowered for a relatively long period (+/- 60 days). Their offspring was subsequently used to create a feminized AK-47 autoflower strain with high yields. This autoflower strain is often grown indoors because of its fast flowering growth and great bud-leaf ratio. If grown outdoors, this AK-47 strain will not disappoint and will grow into a very large autoflowering plant.

    • Average height AK-47 cannabis seeds: 65 cm
    • Genetical composition: 50% Sativa/25% Indica/25% Ruderalis
    • Effect: Mellow but active high
    • Flavor: Lemon, Skunk
    • Average THC%: 19%
    • Average indoor yield: 550/m²
    • Flowering time (from seed): 60 days
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  2. Sweet Tooth Seeds Automatic

    Sweet Tooth  cannabis seeds automatic

    The legendary Sweet Tooth, in an autoflowering package. This strain was popularized by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and its non-autoflowering parent has won several cannabis cups in the past (most notably: High Times cannabis cup 2001). The genetics of this strain have carefully been selected and have been used to create a very stable strain. The plants that grow from these Sweet Tooth cannabis seeds are resistant to a lot of threats and the end product is miraculously sweet. Sweet Tooth’s genetic background goas back top landraces from Afghanistan, Nepal and Hawaii. It has been crossed in with a small Ruderalis to give it its autoflowering capacity.

    • Average height Sweeth Tooth cannabis seeds: 50 cm
    • Genetical composition: 10% Sativa/65% Indica/25% Ruderalis
    • Effect: Impressive high, followed by a happy stoned effect
    • Flavor: Fruity, sweet candy flavor
    • Average THC%: 18%
    • Average indoor yield: 600 g/m²
    • Flowering time (from seed): 63 days
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  3. Amnesia Automatic Seeds

    Amnesia auto  cannabis seeds

    This Amnesia autoflower is bred by Dutch breeders with the Amnesia that is sold by us as a direct parent (the female side of the pedigree). That Amnesia is a direct descendent of the original Amnesia. Our Amnesia autoflower has been bred by crossing in Ruderalis genes from a very high yielding auto Northern Light that was bred in Amsterdam. This strain incorporates all qualities that Amnesia is known for, in a compact auto flowering package.

    • Average height Amnesia auto seeds: 65 cm
    • Genetical composition: 60% Sativa/15% Indica/25% Ruderalis
    • Effect: Strong high with heavy muscle relaxing effects
    • Flavor: Lemon, spice
    • Average THC%: 18%
    • Average indoor yield: 400 g/m²
    • Flowering time (from seed): 63 days
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Autoflowering cannabis plants

Although pretty much all autoflowering cannabis plants will start flowering after a couple of weeks, not all of them finish flowering at the same time. Be sure that you check the Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis ratio on the product pages for an indication of the height and flowering time of the autoflowering strain. For convenience we have added a general estimation of the height and flowering time for each strain. How high your plants will become and how long they will need to finish flowering is however dependent on many more factors than just genetics.

Autoflowering cannabis plants have a neat trait that growers can exploit, which is their independence of the light cycle when it comes to the start of the flowering phase. Because autoflowers do not need a 12/12 light cycle, growers are free to experiment with different light cycles. For instance, extremely good results have been achieved by giving the plants 23 hours of light per day. Some growers even went as far as to adjust the length of days (e.g. 10 hours of light, followed by 10 hours of darkness, etc.). Faster flowering cycles and increased resin production can be achieved, but be careful because not all strains react well to these situations.

Panchrest automatic cannabis seeds

Currently we offer three autoflowering cannabis seeds, namely; Amnesia Automatic, AK-47 Automatic and Sweet Tooth Automatic. All three of these cannabis seeds are easy to be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. If you are a less experienced grower that wants a versatile plant, we advise you to choose the AK-47 Automatic. This strain is the most homogeneous of all our autoflowering cannabis strains. The auto AK-47 is pretty resistant to low temperatures and even the occasional freezy night. It will withstand the cold, but its yield will be affected by it. Although either one of our strains can be cultivated in a wide range of climates, the Amnesia and Sweet Tooth Automatic are influenced a bit more by changing weather conditions than the AK-47 Automatic. If you live in a wet country, we advise you to choose the Sweet Tooth autoflowers. If you live in a dry climate, the Amnesia autoflower will work wonders for you.